Saturday, September 26, 2009

The cry of a child....

We have heard the cry of the children from Africa and are diving heart first, head second into answering that cry.

You might say that heart first is un-wise but if you ask me the world would be a much better place if more people were moved into action by listening to their heart and not their head. As a mom I find myself daily making decisions that are lead with my heart, giving kisses and hugs to my sick child knowing full well I will be exposed to what ails them, letting the kids stay up a half hour past bed time to spend an extra few minutes with daddy expecting to have a less than smooth morning because they will be tired. By no means do I regret these choices made with my heart no matter how the aftershock affects me.

The decision to adopt siblings from Africa, although pushed forward by our hearts took a lot of answering head based questions. Can we afford this? How many can we adopt? What country to adopt from? What agency to help us? Does our home have room for more children? Can we provide for more children? How will this affect our family? How will this small community accept our new children? And so on and so on, and then, when we thought we had the questions answered, suddenly there were more.

In the end it came down to prayer and a personal commitment from Craig and I.
All things are possible threw the Lord and that’s the path we choose to walk. We have opened our hearts and heads to adopt two children from Ethiopia, an older boy and a younger girl and although this will be a long journey for our family we are confident the Lord will provide to see his will done.