Friday, September 3, 2010

School started this week

Levi's first day of Kindergarten!!!

Levi got a bit upset at me yesterday and told me to call the bus driver because he wasn't LETTING me drive him to his first day of School.....
Mommy won!!!! He was cute as could be this morning with a ring of oatmeal still around his mouth (a little mommy spit cleared that right up) I was amazed at the confidence he had as we walked right in and got busy being a Kindergartner, I was even more amazed that I didn't shed a single tear as I took his pictures and kissed him goodbye!

Now then,
back up a few days
Tuesday morning Mallory skipped into my room at 5:20 am dressed and ready to go (I did have to help a little with her hair) She was so adorable in her giraffe dress as she calls it. Madison was up with a smile by 6:30 sporting her skinny jeans (thank goodness for me this was not the fashion in my youth!!) she paired them with a very cute butterfly top. Poor little Maddie has worn her new shoes all week and now has three blisters to show for it, Mallory already had this weeks spelling words memorized by Wednesday evening…….If only the joy of the first week would carry on all year long.

Now then as I left the school this morning with my Buick full of empty car seats the question on my mind was Now What???
Clean the house was the first answer that entered my head so I’ve managed to rearrange the furniture, put dishes into the secretary that belonged to my Grandma Sally, fold and put away all the laundry, order books from Amazon and so much more, still I can’t wait for the bus to drop my three students off at home and share an afternoon snack while discussing all the exciting events of their day.