Friday, January 6, 2012

My poor neglected blog!!!!

But when you almost double the amount of children you have....and none of them nap, it's the first thing to go...along with long hot showers, dinner with your husband, and girls night out....but sooooooo very worth it! I've come to realize a 5 minute Luke warm shower, sleeping in the same bed as my husband, and girls night in is a fine trade!

So where do I start???

Who knew I'd thank God one day for chicken pox! When the US Embassy in Ethiopia found out Landon was showing signs of them they expedited our case and basically asked us to leave the country!!! So with not even a shower I boarded a plane to Amsterdam while leaving a voice mail with my husband to pick me up 48 hours later.

And thus began our life as a family of, gulp, seven!

Probably the hardest part of the transition was dinnertime, or finding our shoes. Yet seven months later, it's not even a big deal, it's just part of life.

So how am I different?

It's so amazing to look back and see how Gods timing was so perfect! How his provision was so complete, financially, emotionally, we always had just enough. My faith, oh wow, my faith has grown soooooo very very much! That alone would have been worth the cost of the adoption....but to have two kids to show for it too! Double yeah!

The kids.

Landon is an incredibly compassionate, snuggly, kind five year old. He is content with something as complex as a remote control helicopter or as simple as a kaleidoscope from the dollar store! He still insists on cold showers, wearing his socks five days in a row, and often can be found doing dishes!!! Woooooooo hooooooo!!

Roza is a smily, rambunctious, full of life three year old. She hates tv, loves to be read to, and can't help but shake her booty to any sort of a beat! Her favorite spot is plastered up next me...literally, the more of me she can touch as once the better. Although injera is still her favorite, pizza is fast becoming a favorite.

I honestly can't imagine my life without them!

Roza & her BFF Ellie Ross!

Not sure if Roza is dumping...or getting dumped!

Our first Sunday back as a family!

On our way out the door to fly HOME!!!! That's the smile of one HAPPY MAMA!

Loving our time boating with the Ross Family!

I PROMISE to get better about keeping everyone up to date!!!