Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wow, October to January is way too long to go without an update!

I will work on keeping that from happening again, so to play catch up……YES America World did accept Craig and I into their Ethiopia adoption program. I was of course driving (because stay at home moms don’t really get to stay AT home) so I pulled the car over and got all the great details. If I was this excited just to get the call that we have been accepted by America World I can’t even imagine the joy that will bust threw all 5 feet of me when we receive a referral!!! This call came in around the 2nd of November and on November 16th our first payment was submitted to America World thanks to an anonymous donation, giving yet further proof that God will provide! On December 4th I was able to meet with Jennifer the beautiful women who will be doing our home study. What a cool job to have, helping create families, amazing. I was so nervous, not so much about meeting her, but the entire home study process; she put me at ease with in minuets! Jennifer was available as early as December 18th to travel the distance to our home and meet the family but we are still gathering funds and unable to move to this next step. I have 100% faith that it is all in God’s hands and he will provide when the timing is right. In the mean time we keep working hard at moving forward with fundraising and my Premier Designs Jewelry business. I have 9 shows booked in February!!! If you are interested in a catalog or hosting a show please let me know I would be thrilled to serve you and help our adoption move forward! We want to take a moment and thank all of those who have been a tremendous support and ask that you keep praying for not only our family but all families in this process. It has been incredible how much we have learned and grown in the past few months, God has opened our hearts and eyes and we will keep following in the direction he is leading.