Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day #2

Day one had gone so smooth it never crossed my mind that day two would be hard!!

One of the lessons learned yesterday was that anything in our bag Roza and Sada felt like they could have, camera, video camera, I-Pod, ANYTHING!!! To fix this problem I dug out a back pack I had brought for Sada to use on the airplane ride home and Craig and I filled it with snacks, candy, toys and the kids favorite, their photo albums. I also brought along some hair products and a comb to do Roza’s hair. Blame the cosmetologist in me but the truth is I’m willing to bet BIG BIG bucks that her hair had not been out of those ponies in more than a month. I set to untangling her hair from the hair ties that were twisted in knots and no matter how much conditioner I used it was not a pleasant experience for either one of us. She had 10 ponies that needed to come out, be combed and put back in…..she made it till number 9 and then lost it. I gave in and left number 10 alone but she ran to Craig and ignored me the rest of the morning. I thought to myself, it’s a small price to pay to not have to shave your head girl (yes it was really that bad) and one day you will thank me. Craig was eating up the attention from his girl and I let him enjoy it. I told myself by the time we get back from lunch she will be over it and we can go back to bonding and getting to know each other. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! When we came back after lunch, which was Pizza by the way, she went right into Craig’s arms and spent the rest of the day there making sure to have NO eye contact with me!!!!

As for my little Sada he spent most of his day with Madison and the other kids at the TH. They sang and played games that I would guess are similar to Red Rover and Ring around the Rosies. He would find Craig and I now and again to blow up a punch ball or open a candy but he is a very independent little person as life has required from him up till now and we can tell that it’s going to take quite some time to bring down the walls he has built up. It was so much fun to see him playing with his friends and sister.

One of the best moments of the trip happened today. A nanny came and sat next to me on a cement retaining wall and complimented my hair. She said it was very beautiful and wanted to know if it was real. All I could do was laugh as I explained that it was in fact real and that I color it to make it look this way. Not 5 minuets later some little girls and one little boy came over to me and began playing with my hair. They went through it layer by layer trying to find where my fake hair stopped and my real hair began. The nanny tried her best to convince them it was all mine but they had to check it out for themselves. When they finally gave up and decided the nanny was right they set to braiding my hair. Let me just say that Roza should have had NO complaints from me doing her hair this morning because I have a VERY tender hand compared to those girls!!!!!!

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