Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monday...1 day until the BIG DAY...COURT!

It’s Monday and all I can think about is how in 24 hours Roza and Sada could be ours………but I need to focus on today.

Today was a good day!!! Lots of fun with the kids and Roza is now shouting MOMMY when she wants my attention and I’m not right by her side. It was a great feeling!!!! Maddie made a new friend, Leeza, and learned all sorts of new games and songs. Lots of happy memories made but I’m tired and have court on my mind and the day is not over yet. We are headed tonight to our traditional Ethiopian dinner with food, wine and dancing. My body is screaming GO TO BED but I want to take in every drop of ET I can so off I go………


Dinner was delicious and tons of fun. Warning!!! Don’t be the first into the restaurant, be the last, otherwise you are seated right in front of the stage and speakers. My head is pounding!!! I really enjoy Ethiopian food and found dinner to be fabulous. Craig took a dare and ate the pepper and my poor husbands eyes watered and became blood shot, sweat dewed up on his forehead and his face turned red but by gosh he did it! Madison loved it all. She was so cute when she got up on stage and danced. The way they move their bodies is beyond my imagination or capability!!! The end of our evening came a bit early because one of our fellow travelers was ill and you DO NOT want to be away from your on private bathroom when tummy sick in ET. A hole in the ground that you squat over just makes you feel more queasy! Despite turning in early we still had the full experience and enjoyed the time but I think it’s safe to say that were all ready to get out of there. In the backs of our mind is tomorrow morning and court. It’s the day we meet the kids birth dad and they have to say a final good bye to him. We need lots of prayer tonight!

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